Baptism, Burns, and Fall Fun

Our adorable redhead got baptized on the 12th! It was a beautiful baptism. His big sister got to be one of the witnesses. It was a special experience for our family.

Now if I could get my kids to willingly cooperate for pictures, that would be fantastic! However, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

When one of our children get baptized, we go out for lunch afterwards to a restaurant of their choice. My oldest chose IHOP, my second chose a local pizza place, and my third chose…McDonald’s. With the play area. We went home to change clothes before we went to McDonald’s so they could play without worrying about damaging their church clothes.

We’d originally planned to go to the pumpkin patch after McDonald’s, but we all decided together that that would be too much for one day. The plan was to go to the pumpkin patch the following Saturday.

The next day, our sweet little 4 year old touched a hot burner and burned the tips of his 4 left fingers. Nothing like a trip to the Urgent Care to liven up a Sunday afternoon. Burners and little fingers don’t mix. He had mild 2nd degree burns on all 4 left fingertips. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but he did have little blisters on each finger.

They put a prescription burn cream on his fingers and wrapped them up. We had to stop by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for the same cream for home use. Thankfully, the burns were mild. However, the doctor we saw said he would have brought his child in for the same thing. I found that very reassuring. It can be tough to know when you should bring your child in and when you should treat it on your own at home. I’ve been parenting for almost 12 years and I still struggle with that at times. I don’t think that ever goes away – at least not until they move out on their own! But then they call home and ask for advice, so probably not even then.

We had to keep his hand wrapped for a day and put cream on it twice a day for 5 days. He complained about it hurting when we initially tried to not wrap it, so we wrapped it for an extra day. After that, he was fine. Although he did keep wiping the cream off when I wasn’t looking… It’s amazing how quickly kids heal! Now, there’s almost no evidence of his battle with the stove.

That Monday, my 9 year old was really feeling out of it. He tried to do his schoolwork, but he wasn’t feeling well at all, so I had him rest nearby. Later, after we finished our school day, he threw up. I suspect he picked up a bug from the McDonald’s play area. Poor kid.

Then that Thursday, my 4 year old threw up a few times. Just when we thought we’d escaped everyone getting sick! At some point in the ensuing days, the other kids felt sick as well. Thankfully, only one more child ended up vomiting, but it was the 2 year old. Although I’m not sure if hers was from sickness or just crying too hard about fighting her nap…I told her I needed to switch over laundry and use the bathroom, then I’d come back and check on her. I could hear her screaming from the laundry room, and then heard the coughing/gagging sound. I called up the stairs to my 11 year old to check on her, in case she threw up…and she had. I threw the rest of the load into the dryer, got it started, and scrambled up the stairs to clean up my baby.

Needless to say, the pumpkin patch did not happen that weekend! But it did eventually happen. We finally went on Thursday night. It was really fun! There weren’t many people there. I loved that it wasn’t crowded at all! We had the entire maze to ourselves as we ran around it. The pumpkins were pretty picked over, but we managed to find some good ones. We let each person pick out a larger pumpkin and a mini pumpkin or squash. Our pictures didn’t turn out great since it was getting dark, but that’s ok. We had a blast.

We love our pumpkin patch! It’s only about 10 minutes from our house and the people who own it are really nice. Their son and his family are in our ward, and some years we see him there helping his parents out.

Yesterday I spent most of the day helping my boys make their Halloween costumes. We don’t do scary or creepy things for Halloween, but I’m totally fine with potty humor. My boys decided they wanted to be outhouses this year… We saved our Amazon boxes and any other box that came into our house for a month or 2 to make this happen. My oldest used her artistic talents to add fake advertisements to their outhouses. We had entirely too much fun making these costumes!

We also finally put up a few Halloween decorations. It’s been such a crazy month that it just didn’t happen until yesterday. And that’s ok!

Now we’re mostly ready for Halloween! We just need to buy some candy for the kids who trick or treat at our house 😜😂

Chaotic Normal

After 2 very busy weeks, it was so nice to have a “calm” week.  Ok, so it’s not really calm.  Nothing about life with 5 kids between 2 and almost 12 is “calm” – except maybe when the littles are sleeping or Dad takes them to the store.  Which, incidentally, is exactly where they are now.  I’m taking advantage of the moment and printing math worksheets for the next few weeks.  And blogging while my printer does its job.  Rather than buy new workbooks for each child, I keep a master copy and print out pages for about a month at a time.

Our science lab was really quick, easy, and fun this week.  We did the Grow Your Own Cave Popcorn activity from our Home Science Lab.  We placed 2 dolomite rocks in a tart pan and poured vinegar on it.  Dolomite absorbs the vinegar and it recrystalizes on the surface of the rocks.  We observed it for 5 days.  White crystals formed on the dolomite in mini popcorn looking clusters.  It was so cool!

We’ve been learning about ancient China in our history curriculum.  The lesson we did on Tuesday suggested eating some simple foods that were common in ancient China, such as rice, boiled millet, or tofu.  Instead, we chose to make Chinese food for dinner.  We did it the easy way, using frozen things and instant rice.  Yummy and easy is always a good option around here!


For art on Wednesday, we made paper snakes from Construction Paper Crafts for Kids.  The directions weren’t very clear, so it took some trial and error to figure out what to do.  We folded strips of paper and interlocked them to make snakes, then glued on eyes and tongues.  They turned out pretty cute, despite the inadequate directions.


We finished up our lessons on ancient China on Thursday.  We’re almost finished with the first history unit!  I love what we’ve learned so far.

Today was our Fun Friday.  The kids solved puzzles in their Math Puzzle Pads and they each picked a different language arts activity.  One simply read, another did Bananagram puzzles, and another played Sight Word Swat.

My 9 year old built the Solar Music Space War Combo 1 & 2 with Snap Circuits.  One of them used the whistle chip and the other used the speaker; the one with the whistle chip was quieter than the one with the speaker.

My 11 and 8 year olds built the Low Light Noisemaker with Snap Circuits.  It had a light sensor on it.  It made a lower pitch sound when there is a lot of light; in lower light, the pitch goes higher and fades in volume.

Then I typed up and submitted our learning logs for the week.  My husband kindly took the littles grocery shopping.  He’s the best!  I just finished printing all our math for the next few weeks or so.

Tomorrow will be a very special day.  My 8 year old is getting baptized!  We also plan to go to the pumpkin patch, weather permitting.  It should be a wonderful day!

Nathan - 8-11-2019

Thoughts on General Conference

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every 6 months, in April and October, our church leaders hold a worldwide General Conference. This year’s October Conference just ended. Wow. It was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed. I feel renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. I feel reinvigorated to live the gospel more fully.

In our Come, Follow Me lessons the Church released, they suggested we come into Conference with questions and concerns about our own lives. I’ve been struggling with some things. Nothing really major, mostly personal struggles with keeping my temper, feeling overwhelmed, and general exhaustion from life.

So, I typed up my main concerns and printed my simple document out for note taking. I ended up taking so many notes that I had to use the back of the paper as well. It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to take notes during General Conference. It was really nice to be able to do so this time.

You probably can’t read my teeny tiny chicken scratched notes. But since they’re mostly for me, that’s ok!

I wasn’t able to take notes during the Saturday morning session, since we were still making breakfast for pretty much the whole session. Three batches of mini-donuts may have been a bit over-ambitious…but everyone wanted something different. Next time, we’ll simplify it. And start cooking earlier. I tried to listen, and what I heard was good, but I’ll definitely be going back over those talks soon.

Our mini-donuts were delicious, though. We made orange soda donuts and a double batch of chocolate cake donuts with 2 different topping options: maple and Andes mint. The maple didn’t turn out very maply, but it was still good. My 11 year old did most of the decorating of the Andes mint ones.

There were so many great stories and allegories in this Conference! I loved Elder Bednar’s allegory of the cheetah and how, despite it’s alluring appearance, it is a predator. I also enjoyed the story of the little boy trying to paint his black dog with white paint to look like a dalmatian and the story about the kids seeing a “cat” with black fur and a white stripe down its back. And Elder Uchtdorf relating the Plan of Salvation to The Hobbit!! That was amazing. He even mentioned second breakfast and then quoted Dumbledore. I love that man.

The Women’s Session was beautiful. Eight new temples were announced during this session! I love all the changes we’re seeing in the children and youth programs. They’re designed to bring our children closer to the Lord and to help them take responsibility for their own spiritual learning and growth. A new Young Women’s theme was shared in this session. I absolutely love it! It’s beautiful. Between sessions today, I hopped into Photoshop and made a prettified version for my 11 year old daughter to hang in her bedroom.


Credit for the beautiful digital scrapbooking kits I used goes to geniaBeana. She focuses more on photography now, but I still love the kits she created back in the day. Her photography is stunning as well.

Isn’t that new theme beautiful?! I love it! I’m excited to learn more about the new Children and Youth program that will start in 2020. I love that it’s more personalized and individualized now. Many of the moms in the homeschooling groups I follow say, “it’s just like homeschooling!” And it really is!

Some of the over-arching themes I noticed this Conference, during various talks throughout multiple sessions:

  • focus and center life on the Savior and His gospel
  • press forward on the covenant path
  • temple worship and blessings
  • love God and neighbor as thyself
  • reflect righteousness – be an example of goodness
  • His grace is sufficient
  • trust Him in all things
  • studying and learning vs reading scriptures
  • fervent and meaningful prayers
  • find joy
  • honor covenants
  • importance of righteous motherhood
  • choosing to incline hearts to God
  • sharing the gospel
  • discipleship
  • service
  • discernment
  • purity and holiness
  • come unto Christ
  • careful vs casual gospel living

President Nelson, our beloved prophet today, concluded the Conference by informing us that the next General Conference in April will be a special bi-centennial Conference; it marks the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s first vision. It will be a memorable event. I look forward to it!

Food is always a big part of General Conference at our house, and this weekend was no exception. We had mini-donuts for breakfast on Saturday, an insane amount of snacks throughout each session, white cheddar mac and cheese for dinner on Saturday night, apple and cherry turnovers for breakfast on Sunday (thank you, Pillsbury), and soon I’ll start on spaghetti and meatballs with Texas toast for dinner tonight.

This General Conference was wonderful. I felt the spirit so strongly with every change and update. I know we have a living prophet today, President Russell M. Nelson. I know God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am so grateful to live today, when the gospel is in its fullness. I love the continuing revelation and improvements! I’m excited to hear what’s coming next.

To watch, listen, or read these wonderful messages for yourself, go here.


It’s been a crazy busy week. Busier than we’ve had in a long time, really. But we got through it. And I’m so glad it’s over! I’m currently wearing a PJ shirt that says, “I haven’t been this excited about Friday since last Friday.” Totally accurate.

We do science on Mondays. This week, we did a calcite fizz test, the first of our Home Science Lab activities. First, we scratched the surface of various types of rocks. Then we dropped vinegar onto the scratches to see if it bubbled. The rocks that bubbled contain calcite. Then we put calcite carbonate in a test tube and dropped vinegar on top. Lastly, we put small limestone rocks into a test tube and covered them with vinegar. They bubbled up a lot! The vinegar broke down some of the calcite in the limestone into fine sediment.

I was too busy working through the lab with my kids to take pictures. But it was fun! We had FHE on Monday as well. We read a cute story in the Friend for our lesson, played hide and seek for the activity, and ate brownies a la mode for our treat.

We went on a hike with the cub scouts on Tuesday. We went on a local paved trail. My husband is the cub master and the rest of us decided to join them this time. It was fun, but tiring. There were a few hills that were brutal while pushing a stroller!

For art this week, we made pumpkin treat bags. We followed the instructions from our Creative Arts & Crafts Projects book. We each cut out a large circle out of orange felt and 3 leaves out of green felt, then weaved yarn through holes we punched along the edge of the orange circle. We glued the leaves onto the yarn. Now we have cute little treat bags to put candy corn pumpkins in! Or, at least, the kids do 😜

Normally, YW is on Tuesday nights, but this week it got moved to Wednesday. I asked one of the leaders to give my oldest a ride because I was getting a crown at the same time. Hopefully I won’t be going back to the dentist again until my next cleaning in March! That’s the plan, unless there’s another emergency.

We started learning about ancient China this week. I love learning about ancient civilizations! We tried our hand at ancient Chinese calligraphy. It’s a lot harder than it looks!

I had a paint night activity on Thursday. I absolutely needed it this week. My littles were being completely crazy and I just needed to get away. I’m happy with how my painting turned out 😁

I went grocery shopping afterwards, so I wouldn’t have to go today 😂

I love the way we do Fridays in our homeschool. Today, we solved puzzles in our logic puzzle books and played Cooking Up Sentences, a game where you have to follow a “recipe” to build a sentence using parts of speech cards. Then we built the “vibration space war” with our Snap Circuits. When the sensor detected vibrations and movement, it made space war sounds. It was really fun! We kept shaking it so it would make noise.

And of course, each day we did our devotional which includes a hymn, a prayer, and scriptures. We also read a poem each day and almost always read from our other read alouds. Some days we skip the read alouds, though, because life happens.

After the crazy week we’ve had, we’re having frozen pizza for dinner. It’s totally a pizza night. We also plan to watch a movie with the big kids once we get the littles in bed. I plan to pull out the popcorn popper for snackage purposes.

Now that all the crazy for the week is over, my goal is to not leave my house until Tuesday at the latest. Since it’s General Conference weekend, that’s totally doable. Although I do have a hold at the library…but I may have already asked my husband if he’ll pick it up for me 😂😁😜

Bring on the weekend! Thankfully, next week we have a much lighter, normal schedule. Not that our normal isn’t busy – it is – but there shouldn’t be any extra things thrown in during the week. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re totally over being really busy. Next Saturday will have a very special baptism (my cute redhead!!) and a trip to the pumpkin patch (weather permitting).

For now, however, it’s time to relax, eat pizza, and enjoy our time together as a family. And soak up all the awesomeness that is General Conference. With lots of snacks and yummy foods, of course.

Lol, and these are just the snacks! We do General Conference like most Americans do the Superbowl 😂

Finding Our Groove

It’s taking a little longer this school year to find our groove, but I think we’re starting to settle into this year’s normal.  The first week is mostly about getting back into the swing of things.  But when I got hit with a tooth infection and a root canal in the second week, immediately followed by everyone catching colds…well, that just threw it all off.  It was pretty rough for the second and third weeks of the school year.

For the third week, we cut back a ton.  We were all grumpy, tired, and miserable with colds.  We weren’t sick enough to cancel everything, though.  And we had to do enough for our charter school’s required learning logs.  So, each kid did one math worksheet for the week, reading and handwriting for language arts, a quick science activity and watching Brain Games, an easy art project, and Snap Circuits for tech.  Oh, and our history lessons, but those aren’t on our learning logs.  However, in order to finish the curriculum by the end of the school year, we can’t cut history.  I know we don’t have to finish it by the end of the year, but I want to stay on track if I can.  If not, we can finish it later.  But I didn’t want to get “behind” in the first month of school.  That and it’s one of my favorite subjects to teach 🙂

Our fourth week was all about finding that groove.  Not gonna lie, the first couple of days this week were agonizing from a scheduling standpoint.  It took way too long to do our school work on those days.  In fact, it dragged on so much that I made the executive decision to take a long break, let the kids play their allotted video games for the day, and use our science for our Family Home Evening activity that night.

We were going to do our first Home Science Lab activity for science on Monday, but we were all too tired and it was getting too late to start something that involved.  So we identified rocks, minerals, and fossils with an activity kit we bought on Amazon – which is exactly what we did the week before.  We also watched relevant Generation Genius videos on erosion, landscapes, and fossils.


We did our TGTB History lessons on Tuesday and Thursday.  I absolutely love their history curriculum!  I learn so many great things along with my kids.

For art, we made yarn pumpkins using the tutorial in TGTB’s Creative Arts & Crafts Projects.  They turned out really well!  One of our favorite YouTube channels, the Holderness Family, did a similar craft in one of their videos and theirs…didn’t turn out very well.  LOL, so I was cautiously optimistic about this particular project.  But they worked for us!


My 11 year old is midway through TGTB LA level 4, which incorporates art projects through the Creative Companion.  This week, one of her assignments was to make this picture of a pear and a plate using chalk pastels.  It was broken up in stages over multiple days.  I think she did a fantastic job!


My freshly turned 8 year old started the newly updated and revamped TGTB level 1 this week.  His older brother did the previous version of level 1.  He’s currently flying through level 3.  It’s fun to compare the new version and the old one.  I absolutely love all the changes!  It’s so much easier to use.  I love that the lessons are broken down into more manageable chunks.  It was good before, but it’s even better now.

One of the best changes we’ve ever made to our homeschool was to not do course work on Fridays.  Having Fun Friday has been so beneficial to all of us.  It helps prevent burn out – both for me and for the kids.  We still do learning, but it’s fun learning.  We do something other than curriculum for math and language arts on Fridays.  This week, we pulled out a bunch of our favorite math and logic games, such as Walls & Warriors, Laser Maze, Jump’in, Squirrels Go Nuts, and Gravity Maze.  They’re all one player type of puzzle games, so the kids took turns playing different ones.


We also do our tech requirement on Fridays.  This year, we’re mostly doing Snap Circuits for an electronics tech class.  They built an electronic rain circuit this week.  Different resistors altered the speed of the “rain” sound, so it was fun to see which resistors made it speed up or slow it down.

Our charter school’s class reimbursement window opened up this week, so I submitted our receipts right after midnight on the day the window opened.  All our submissions were approved by the next day!  It’s always a relief when they approve money for reimbursement.  I’m looking forward to getting a nice chunk of money back this time.

Of course, that same day, I had another dentist appointment where I learned I need a crown on another tooth.  It’s the matching tooth to the one I recently got a root canal on.  At this rate, I’ll have a mouth full of crowns!  I’ll get that crown next week.  Maybe I’ll use some of that reimbursement check to pay for my crown…

This week was really busy, and next week will be even busier!  This week, we had church, FHE, Young Women’s activity, dentist appointment, grocery shopping, homeschool, daily life of chasing littles and all the things needed to care for a family of 7.  Next week will have the same, plus pack meeting, a Relief Society activity, and General Conference (yay!).  For us, that’s really busy.  I honestly don’t know how so many families run from one thing to another all the time.  It’s definitely not the kind of lifestyle I want.  I get tired just reading about busier schedules!  What we do is more than enough for us.  We’re perfectly content to stay home 99% of the time.  But to each their own 🙂

Rough Week

Our second week of school was rough!  Not because the school work was too challenging or the kids were unhappy or anything like that.  From an educational standpoint, it was pretty normal.  But there were other external health-related issues that made the week hard.

First of all, last weekend I started having significant pain in one of my molars – to the point that I basically had a non-stop headache for several days.  Of course that all started on a Friday night, right?  That particular tooth has been sensitive for at least 10 years, so it wasn’t too surprising that I’d have issues with it.  But this was beyond what it’s ever been.  Time to call the dentist.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday and ended up needing a root canal.  The nerve was completely infected and in the process of dying.  I didn’t have any current cavities, which wasn’t too surprising since I had a lot of work done at the end of last year.  But that tooth had significant fillings in the past.  In fact, 10 years ago, the dentist filling it in told me that because of how close the filling was to the gum line, I’d probably end up needing a root canal in the future.  He said it could be in a year or 2, or maybe 10.  Well…it was 10.

Once I fully recover from the root canal, I shouldn’t have pain or sensitivity there anymore, so that’s a huge plus!  The sensitivity of that tooth caused me to almost exclusively chew on the other side of my mouth…which is why the teeth on that side needed a bridge and a crown last year.

But oh, that’s not all.  As if an infected tooth and a root canal wasn’t painful enough, 4 of my kids and I came down with colds.  I’m not sure how much of my headaches since have been caused by root canal recovery or sickness.  I’m still feeling pain from my root canal.  Alternating Advil and Tylenol helps.  I have to stay on top of it because I definitely feel it more if I don’t.  I’m due for another dose now, actually…

We were definitely ready for the week to end!  We cut out as much schoolwork as we reasonably could on Thursday and Friday.  But the homeschool part of our week went OK.

For science, we did a geode kit from National Geographic.  They’re really hard to hammer open!  We took turns for about an hour trying to crack one of them open.  We still haven’t made a significant crack in that one.  We gave up and opened the one that already had holes in it.  The kit came with 10 geodes, so we have plenty more to work on later.  We read about how geodes form, the different types of geodes, and where you can find them.  We live in one of the states where they can be found, so that was fun to learn!

Phone Pics 679Phone Pics 684Phone Pics 697Phone Pics 705

Our history lesson on Tuesday had an optional art project.  I’d planned to do it on Tuesday with the lesson, but I was in too much pain from my infected tooth to do it.  We ended up doing it for our art project on our designated art day on Wednesday instead.

Phone Pics 715.jpg

By Thursday, we were all feeling pretty miserable from varying degrees of impending colds.  I made the executive decision to cut back our schoolwork to the bare minimum that wouldn’t put us “behind” what I’d already planned.  Of course, if we were really really sick, I’d cancel it all, but it wasn’t to that point.  We could still do some work.  We usually do our normal math and LA curriculum M-Th and then do games for those subjects on Fridays.  This week, I let my kids choose how much of each they worked on on Thursday, with the understanding that they’d do the rest on Friday.  They did most of their math and their handwriting on Thursday and did their LA lessons on Friday.  It worked well, but it dragged out a bit.  In hindsight, I’ll just push the LA back to the next week if it happens like this again.  They usually get through their math assignments pretty quickly.  Language arts tends to take longer, so if I have to push one of them back, that’s the one I’ll choose.

On Friday, my redhead finished his LA course book!  He finished it on his last day as a 7 year old.  I’m thrilled with how much his reading has improved over this course.  Check out his reading assessment from the beginning of the course compared to the end:

Phone Pics 758

So much improvement over the course of one year!!  (And yes, my handwriting is atrocious here.)  We couldn’t even do all of the assessment at first.  But now?!  I’m so so proud of him.

He just finished TGTB level K, which is really more like 1st grade level work.  He’ll start TGTB’s newly updated level 1 on Monday.  I’m excited to use it!  I love the changes they made.  His older brother started with the previous version of level 1, so it’ll be fun to see how it compares.

Speaking of language arts…my oldest had a writing assignment earlier in the week where she was supposed to write about what she thinks will happen in the included story.  But she accidentally read ahead and already knew what would happen.  I told her she still had to write something because it’s writing practice.  She showed it to me and I noticed she missed part of the assignment.  I told her to add that part.  This is what she wrote:

Phone Pics 672

I laughed so hard!  I posted it on the TGTB Chatter Facebook page and got a lot of great reactions, along with compliments on her handwriting and grammar.  I realized later that she misspelled birthday, but that’s an easy fix.

Last week, for tech, each of my kids built a circuit with Snap Circuits.  This week, we opted to built one together.  They chose one of the simplest ones they could.  Sniffles really knock the motivation down.  They love doing Snap Circuits, but it’s hard to do much of anything when you aren’t feeling well.

Phone Pics 757.jpg

We’ve also skipped chores for the last few days…priorities, right?  We’ll make up for it when we aren’t feeling sick.  Hopefully we’ll get plenty of rest this weekend.  If we’re still not feeling well next week, we’ll alter our plans as needed.  We skipped most of our read alouds and about half of our singing this week.  I can barely speak right now, let alone sing.

All these challenges certainly made for an interesting second week of school!  I hope next week goes more smoothly.  But hey, at least I won’t need another root canal next week, right?

The First Week

We had a great first week of school! But we were all pretty worn out by the end of the week. Getting back into the routine is hard. Since I already posted about the first day, I’ll move on to the rest of the week. I didn’t take as many pictures.

M-Th we do our math and LA curriculum. On Friday, we do fun math and LA games and activities. Then we alternate our other subjects. Normally, we do science on Monday, history on Tuesday and Thursday, art on Wednesday, and tech on Friday. Then we finish off the week with our learning logs.

The first week, however, started with a 3 day weekend, so we did science on Tuesday, art on Wednesday, history on Thursday, and tech on Friday.

For art, we did strainer art. It…didn’t work very well. The few times it did work as expected, it got all messed up before it could dry. And since each used an abundance of paint, it took hours to dry. It kind of took over my kitchen!

Dinner had to be something simple that required no stove use. I think we just did a whatever night that night. We, uh, do that a lot 😂

I didn’t take any pictures of our history on Thursday, but it was great. I love TGTB history! We just started year 2. We’re currently learning about ancient Greece.

By Friday, everyone was a strange mix of tired and crazy. For math, each kid played Medieval Math Battle on the kids’ tablet. Then they played Tall Tales, a story telling game, for language arts.

Our tech this year is circuitry, mostly with Snap Circuits. Each kid built a circuit from the instruction book.

They all chose circuits that use the solar panel, so we had to take them over to the window for power. It was fun!

Then I typed up their learning logs while they started on chores. We’ve found doing chores after school works best for us. We’ve tried chores before school, and it seriously delays our day. After chores, everyone brushes their teeth and plays an hour of video games.

We had a great first week! Hopefully this week will be great, too, but less exhausting 😂